We have something to boast about! Students of the AGH University of Science and Technology constructed a solar plane!

The solar plane – the first in Poland by students – was created by the AGH Solar Plane team, numbering about 50 people. The machine has a wingspan of 3.8 meters, weighs only 5 kg and can reach a speed of about 50 km / h, depending on weather conditions. During the day, the aircraft draws energy from 48 solar panels placed on the wings. Their power is from 150 to 180 W, which fully covers the demand during the flight. At the same time, the panels store energy in lithium-ion batteries, thanks to which the machine can also fly into the air at night or under a cloudy sky.


The construction is unmanned, and students can control it from the ground thanks to the First Person View system. A camera has been placed on the plane, which transmits the image to the operator through the transmitter. The pilot who controls the flight is able to see everything that is happening in front of the machine thanks to virtual reality glasses.

Full text and video coverage available here: https://gazetakrakowska.pl/krakow-studenci-akademii-gorniczohutniczej-skonstruowała-samolot-solarny-wideo-zdjecia/ar/c1-14266343

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