They have turned skyscrapers into a solar plant and are not worried about electricity prices.

According to the Świat OZE, website, the Wrocław experiment after more than a year of operation can be assessed as a success. The amount of energy is 10 percent higher than originally assumed. Thanks to the panels, 557 tons of carbon dioxide did not enter the atmosphere.

The economic balance is also satisfactory, which is why we will not stop there. We plan to expand the power plant and further ecological projects.

– says Józef Śnieżek, president of the Wrocław-Południe Housing Cooperative quoted by the portal.

Three thousand batteries installed on roofs will allow 15 thousand residents of the capital of Lower Silesia to reduce their electricity bills. The power plant’s power is close to 0.75 MW. Renewable energy – annually is 700 thousand kWh – will be used to illuminate common areas of buildings, power elevators, hydrophores and electrical equipment – reports The savings will be considerable – the electricity fee will be about PLN 335 thousand lower. The investment cost PLN 4.2 million. PLN 2.5 million The Fund for Environmental Protection provided PLN 1.7 million as a grant under the loan.



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