The solar farm was established in Kielce. Produces electricity from the sun

On Monday, Municipal Heat Supply Company inaugurated the operation of a solar farm, which was established for the needs of the municipal heating plant at Hauke ​​- Bosaka Street. It produces electricity from solar energy, which in the summer will meet the needs of the boiler room for power supply. This will reduce the consumption of electricity from traditional sources, which will affect the cost of heat production for the residents of the housing estates Barwinek, Kochanowski and Ściegienne. They will not be as dependent on rising electricity prices.

-We already have the first results and we know that in June thanks to the solar farm, the fees for electricity consumed by the heating plant were lower by PLN 5,000. It also turned out that in the hours with the best sunshine we have overproduction of energy in relation to the boiler room demand. In the future, we will discharge these surpluses to the network – announced Jan Karwasiński, President of the Management Board of Municipal Heat Supply Company in Kielce.

The president of Kielce, Bogdan Wenta, emphasized the importance of investment for environmental protection.

– This is a good direction for large cities, because in addition to measurable economic benefits, it is very important for environmental protection – emphasized Bogdan Wenta, Mayor of Kielce. These two installations will reduce the amount of carbon dioxide around 35,000 kilograms per year. They are also part of the trend of self-government pursuit of energy self-sufficiency of facilities belonging to the city. Such farms are especially needed in degraded places, for example, landfills, because the farm gives the opportunity to restore them to the environment. I hope that more farms will be created in Kielce, because such renewable energy sources protect our air against pollution.

The farm was built from Pileckiego Street. – This location was not chosen by accident. The panels cover our old boiler room, which has new furnaces, but the building and surroundings are eligible for renovation and do not match the new Pileckiego Street. Now drivers see above all a new farm that covers the buildings – added President Karwasiński.

Piotr Bielicz, co-owner of the Arenella company from Strawczynek, who prior to the MPEC investment built large installations in public facilities, among others in Gliwice, Ruda Śląska and Kurów, also talked about the importance of solar energy.

– This is an ultramodern installation, designed for the future. We have built two 360 volt power installations, and usually cities order 280-320 power ones. The farm uses energy from the sun, i.e. from a renewable clean source. So we avoid burning coal, which pollutes the environment – he said.

The investment cost PLN 341.5 thousand and was fully financed from the company’s funds.

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