The Greek island of Tilos powered entirely by renewable energy by the end of 2018

By the end of 2018 on the Greek island of Tilos a special green power supply system is to be launched. It will thus become the first island in the region whose energy system will operate solely on the basis of energy from the sun and water.


According to the Associated Press, the cost of the system, which is currently undergoing final tests, amounts to nearly EUR 14 million, of which EUR 11 million has been obtained from EU funds.

Tilos is a small island belonging to the Dodecanese archipelago and located between the islands of Kiea and Rhodes. In winter, it is inhabited by 400 people. In summer, the population grows to 3 thousand, overloading the outdated power system available on the island.

According to the European Commission, Tilos will be the first island in the Mediterranean region to be autonomous in terms of the energy supply from renewable sources. As the European Commission stresses, the plant on the Tilos Island is expected to become a model example for other small islands in the territory of the EU, which are struggling with limited access to the continental power grid.

As the project leader Spyros Aliferis says, the innovation of this programme lies in the way of energy storage.He explained that the energy produced by wind turbines and photovoltaic modules will be stored in special batteries, from which it will be transferred to the power grid when needed.



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