The future of energy in Poland – an interview with Jerzy Doliński

Gradual withdrawal from hard coal is taking place right before our eyes. This raw material is increasingly being replaced by renewable energy sources, but the change in approach to domestic energy must take place at deeper levels. Jerzy Doliński, representing the “Mountain Air” Energy Cluster , told about the details of this process.

You can read the conversation with Mr. Jerzy on the PORTAL ŚWIAT OZE

– The entire energy system of Poland needs to be modernized and this is happening now. Our system is based on old heat and power plants and power plants, as well as on the system of heat plants located near towns and cities, and this is the picture that should slowly become history. Transmission grids need to be modernised, heat and power plants need to be modernised as well. This process is already slightly visible on the market, but the economy is facing farther challenges. Such challenges include, among others, electromobility, modernization of plants, which turn toward high level of automation, there are changes in the entire structure of the housing sector – Jerzy Doliński emphasized.

According to the specialist and many experts related with the energy sector, it is necessary to prepare for gradual transition to distributed generation. It will be managed by virtual power plants, which will become responsible for supplying the required amount of energy to the national energy system in due time.

The above solution has been successfully implemented in European Union countries, such as Germany or Denmark. These countries have eliminated energy sources using coal as a heating source and instead have developed infrastructure related to distributed energy sources based on using gas and renewable energy sources.

– Apart from the energy generating equipment as such, energy storage will be an additional source of compensating power and if we design distributed energy systems, we must at the same time consider that it would be a good thing to design energy storage next to small power plants. Such an energy storage could be in the future, for example, an electric car – noted a representative of the “Górskie Powietrze” cluster.

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