The French “solar route” proved to be a total failure

The solar road, which was put into operation three years ago in France, turned out to be a total – energy and financial – failure. “It’s neither efficient nor profitable,” media reports.

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As reported by the Business Insider portal, the solar road located in Normandy, which was built of almost three thousand square meters of solar panels, is currently in such a bad condition that it is not even worth renovating.

The solar road project was to be the hope of global energy. Its creation was accompanied by bold visions of the entire network of such highways, which – acting as ordinary roads – would also power the power grid. Unfortunately, the French example shows that such projects can be inserted between cartoons.

According to BI, energy production from the solar road in the peak period of efficiency achieved only 50% of the forecasted results, then began to decrease significantly.

A similar fate met solar route in the United States, which cost over six million dollars. Currently, about 83% of the panels that make up it are damaged.

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