Tauron is preparing to build solar farms. First tender announced


Tauron has announced a tender for the construction of the first solar farm with a capacity of 3.1 to 5 MW located in Jaworzno. The deadline for submitting offers was set for September 13.

Tauron is currently running a solar farm construction program in unused economic areas. The program is one of the initiatives in line with the adopted strategic directions, based on the development of clean energy, which will be the basis for building the value of the Tauron Group by 2030 – said the president of the company, Filip Grzegorczyk, quoted in the communication.

The company announced that the program is currently under preparation, including obtaining necessary administrative decisions. It covers five locations, and the potential of each farm is strongly dependent on location conditions, which affects the size of the installation’s capacity. Investments are developed in areas with traces of industrial activity – areas of former power plants and furnace waste dumps.

Solaris has grown into a giant in the electric bus industry this year thanks to three very large orders from Berlin, Warsaw and Milan. In 2019, these three cities ordered a total of 470 electric buses from Solaris. In addition, there are 90 eco-friendly vehicles bought by other European cities.

Source:  https://businessinsider.com.pl/firmy/strategie/farmy-fotowoltaiczne-od-tauronu/y223e60.amp

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