Sustainable Infrastructure Cluster

The Sustainable Infrastructure Cluster is the biggest cluster in Poland, focusing on the promotion and implementation of affordable energy-saving construction technologies, recognised by the Ministry of Development as the National Key Cluster since 2016. It consists of about 100 entities, including the largest universities in Kraków as: AGH University of Science and Technology, Politechnika Krakowska, the Jagiellonian University. The following towns are also members of the cluster: Niepołomice, Słomniki and Piastów.

A supreme goal of cooperation is to promote the highest energy efficiency in construction industry, achieved owing to the use of original structural and technological solutions as well as the work of entrepreneurs gathered in our Cluster. In the case of implemented solutions, the energy outcome has been obtained with the help of additional financial expenditures, thus not exceeding 7% in comparison to conventional buildings, while reducing subsequent operating costs by 85-90%. Our buildings are designed in a manner that guarantees valuing the domestic energy resources and enables the implementation of the European Union Directives with the utmost care for a clean environment.

In the frames of a joint cluster project, we have built a complex of zero energy buildings in Kokotów near Krakow.

The Cluster’s coordinator is Instytut Doradztwa Sp. z o.o., the accredited Innovation Center at the Ministry of Development, as well as the nationwide training, consulting and investment centre specialising in the renewable energy industry and promoting energy-saving technologies. Within the cluster, we offer training, consultancy as well as research and development in the field of energy efficiency, modern construction industry and buildings’ management systems with the support of the Technology Transfer and Training Centre established by our Cluster and also the services related to broadly understood optimisation of electricity consumption, including: thermo-modernization, energy audits, air tightness testing, thermo-vision testing.

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