Passive buildings in the Słomniki commune attracted the Ministry of Entrepreneurship and Technology

The commune of Słomniki is already famous for the construction of passive or energy-saving buildings. Their construction means that the building is very strongly insulated, and through the mounted devices receives heat from the environment, accumulates it and gives it in.

The Słomniki commune has already built four passive buildings over the past few years. The first was the sports hall in Słomniki, as it turned out it was the first passive hall in Poland. Then the commune built a gym in passive technology next to the school in Waganowice, then a self-government passive kindergarten was established in Słomniki, and this year a passive health center was put into use.

Representatives of the ministry were interested in these investments. The visit took place as part of cooperation with the organization – Sustainable Infrastructure Cluster, of which the Słomniki commune is a member. As part of the visit, guests watched a gym, kindergarten and health clinic in Słomniki.

Guests paid attention to the use of innovative technologies for the public good. They were impressed by the building decor, functionality and energy-saving qualities, which significantly contribute to reducing low emissions.

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