Old cables inhibit RES and electromobility in Poland

“It is not better with medium voltage lines: 37 percent. is over 40 years old and 39% – from 25 to 40 years. In turn, 63 percent medium and low voltage stations are a minimum of a quarter of a century old, according to the Energy Forum analysis, “reads


“It’s alarming data. The more so that they may threaten the ability to introduce renewable energy. – 70 percent distribution networks are very old, and it is at this level that renewable sources, energy storage and electric cars are joined, “Rzeczpospolita President of the Energy Forum quotes Joanna Maćkowiak-Panda.

You can read more about the problem here: https://www.wnp.pl/energetyka/stare-kable-hamuja-oze-i-elektromobilnosc-w-polsce,349444_1_0_0.html

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