Interview with Mr. Artur Olejniczak

Interview with Mr. Artur Olejniczak, President of the Management Board of BBTB sp. z o.o. and Member of the Management Board of Kunagone S.A.


Organic, bio and eco are have recently became very fashionable terms. Often, however, these characteristics exist in name only. As the definitions put it, products that meet these criteria are supposed to be made in at least 95% from natural ingredients. Your products are prepared from natural products only. They show the care for the environment, as well as for health of their users. Is it the current trend that caused you to put ecological solutions in the first place or was there another reason?

Ecology is an important trait that distinguishes our products. For us this is a kind of a mission to fulfil – looking at the shelf with firestarters we can see products, the chemical composition of which is highly harmful and can permeate the food prepared on the barbecue ignited with, for example, a lighter fluid or chemical cubes. There is no wonder – chemical firestarters are effective and people like to use them to ignite fire out of convenience. They can be dangerous, however – especially the liquid ones. They are particularly dangerous if they get into children’s hands, what may easily happen during a family evening at a barbecue. We are happy that we have managed to find a solution that makes the preparation of barbecued food simple and natural, and very fast and effective at the same time. There is also no need to fear to spoil the neighbours’ afternoon with unpleasant chemical smells or heavy smoke. To wrap up, ecology is very important to us, but it was not the fashion or the fact the product is ecological that was a decisive factor in entering the market. Even the most ecological firestarter would not break through the competition if it simply was not effective. We don’t need to worry about the effectiveness of our firestarters and of the rest of our products either.

On your website one can find a statement “Staying close to nature allows you to feel freedom and independence. Living in cities, it is something we’ve been always longing for.” Was this your longing for freedom and independence that caused you to create your products?

I do not know a person who would not enjoy the contact with nature and that’s what we have focused on creating the products. It is often the case that nature suggests the best and, at the same time, the simplest solutions. The woodson firestarter is exactly like that. It was this product that gave us an incentive to initiate an enterprise that we can speak about in quite a broad perspective today. It may sound immodest but in my opinion, confirmed also by many our customers, the woodson firestarter is the best firestarter available on the market. Thanks to its development, we had the opportunity to introduce next products. Among them, you can find a natural, wooden garden candle that also repels mosquitoes and our latest invention – Kunagone, marten repellent.

The company operates in Chełmek – a small town in Western Małopolska. Your products are available in many places in Poland, but also abroad.  How is it done to get out of a small town into a business “big world”?

Our products are available in Western Europe, USA, Canada and even in Asian countries, including Japan. Nevertheless, we are still saying that this is the beginning. The potential of the product and the large market are challenges we face every day. And here comes the bottom line: everyday work for several years, supported by determination in pursuing goals, caused that today we can talk success. Hardly anyone knows how much effort has been put into this project. Most see the final effect in the form of a product on the shelf, which for us is the so-called icing on the cake or the conquered summit, but one can not forget that the foundations must always go first. They are less attractive than the final effect, but they are essential for the success. I believe every entrepreneur who started from scratch will confirm these words. 

Thank you for the interview. I congratulate you on your successes and cheer on the next ones.

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