Elon Musk: A solar installation is like a money printer on the roof

In 2016, Elon Musk, through Tesla, acquired shares in SolarCity, a company that leases finished solar installations. The transaction took place in an atmosphere of business scandal, because it seemed to be economically unjustified, and the acquired company was managed by Muska’s cousin. The famous businessman has just decided to vacuum a slightly forgotten business segment.


Since SolarCity became part of Tesla, business has been plunging into the market abyss. At the time of the acquisition, the company was a market leader, currently it ranks third. The current leader – SunRun, delivered in the second quarter of 2019 installations with a total capacity of 103 megawatts, located in second place Vivint Solar – 56 MW. For comparison, Tesla only 29 megawatts.

Source: https://www.tabletowo.pl/tesla-program-dzierzawy-instalacji-fotowoltaicznych-nowe-zasady/amp/

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