ELECTRICITY FOR GENERATIONS – II Congress of Polish Electrical Engineering

The liberalization of the electricity market and the introduction of the principle of competition in energy production and trade significantly changed the conditions of the energy sector. The next step is the completion of the process of building the Community electricity market of the European Union (EU), harmonizing a number of operating principles
of this market throughout the EU. At the same time, the EU’s climate policy, focused mainly on reducing greenhouse gas emissions, has a huge impact on the conditions of the energy sector in individual countries. In the long term, the network area (transmission and distribution networks) will remain a monopolized area, i.e. technically and economically conditioned natural monopoly regulated by the relevant regulatory institutions. Currently, EU countries have a diversified electricity generation base and various development concepts in this respect, based on the country’s economic development strategy. The situation of the Polish power industry is quite specific, because about 83% of the gross electricity generated comes from coal combustion. The number of TWh produced annually from this fuel gives Poland the third position in the EU, after Germany
and Great Britain.

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