“Buy Mr. Bake” or about unfair commercial practices in DIY stores

According to journalists of Gazeta Wyborcza – Bartosz Sendrowicz and Dominika Wantuch in an article of November 18, 2017 (full text here) -retail chains are still selling cinderella stoves without informing buyers about the fact that they cause significant environmental pollution, and soon due to the changing anti-smog rules, they will need to be replaced.

According to the authors of the study, the Sejmiki of Mazovia in October, Silesia in April, and Małopolska – in January 2017 adopted anti-smog resolutions. These types of boilers may no longer be installed in these regions, and all will have to be replaced by a maximum of four years for those that comply with the EU Ecoprojekt Directive. Pursuant to the ordinance of the Minister of Finance and Development on standards for coal boilers, from October 1 in Poland the production of such furnaces will be prohibited, and from July 1, 2018, the ban on their sale will also come into force. It will apply throughout the country.

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