According to the latest research, over 10 trillion dollars will be spent on new RES investments by 2050!

Bloomberg NEF (BNEF) research company has published a new report New Energy Outlook 2019. We already know!We are moving from two-thirds of fossil fuels in 2018 to two-thirds of zero-emission energy by 2050. We are thus ending the era of fossil fuel dominance in the energy sector.Over USD 10 trillion will be spent on new RES investments.

Renewable energy is becoming cheaper, the importance of batteries and energy storage as well as their development will fundamentally transform the energy system.Batteries, peak devices and dynamic demand mean that wind and solar energy reach over 80% in some markets.


According to the report, by 2050 USD 13.3 trillion will be invested in new production capacity.Over 77%, or around $ 10 trillion, will go to renewable energy sources.Investments in wind energy are to reach USD 5.3 trillion, and for solar energy USD 4.2 trillion.Another $ 843 billion is expenditure on batteries and energy storage.Investments in new fossil fuel power plants by 2050 worldwide do not exceed USD 2 trillion.

All investments are to provide a total of 15,145 GW of new power plants in the years 2019-2050.80% of them are to be zero emissions.

The share of solar and wind energy for years

The share of wind and solar energy in the global energy mix is ​​constantly growing.According to estimates, their share in Europe from 8% in 2012 to 2050 will increase up to 80%.Australia will achieve similar growth.From 5% in 2012, by 2050, the share of wind and sun in the mix is ​​expected to reach 78%.

Share of fossil fuels

By 2050, coal-fired power generation is expected to fall by 51%, providing only 12% of global electricity.

Coal mining will decline worldwide, except for Asia.In 2026, coal generation will reach peak levels in China, India and Southeast Asia.After this time it will start to fall.The decline in other parts of the world is already underway.

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